Unreal tournament Admin commands

Logging in and out  
Log in as administrator adminlogin <login>
Log out adminlogout
Adding and removing actors Note: The following commands may work without the admin prefix. This does not hold for rebooting the server ;)
Add bots admin addbots <number>
Spawn actor admin summon <class name>
Remove all monsters admin killpawns
Remove all bots admin killall Bot
Remove redeemer admin killall WarheadLauncher
Remove damage amplifier admin killall UDamage
Remove shield belt admin killall ut_ShieldBelt
Remove invisibility admin killall ut_Invisibility
Remove armor admin killall Armor2
Remove thigh pads admin killall ThighPads
Remove jumpboots admin killall ut_Jumpboots
Kick player admin kick <player name>
Kickban player admin kickban <player name>
Server control  
Reboot the server admin quit or admin exit
Toggle game pause admin pause or press the pause button
Switch map admin switchlevel <map name>
Change gametype admin servertravel <map name>?Game=<gametype>
Change mutator admin servertravel <map name>?Mutator=<mutator>
Change both admin servertravel <map name>?Game=<gametype>?Mutator=<mutator>
  Note: There is no space between the map name and the question mark, and between the gametype and its corresponding question mark!
Restart level admin servertravel ?restart
Game control Note: To retrieve the current value, replace "set" with "get" and remove any trailing parameters. A servertravel is required for changes to take effect with commands containing a <gametype>.
Set game password admin set Engine.GameInfo GamePassword <password>
Reset game password admin set Engine.GameInfo GamePassword
Set time limit admin set <gametype> TimeLimit <number>
Set capture limit admin set <gametype> GoalTeamScore <number>
Set frag limit admin set <gametype> FragLimit <number>
Set minimum players admin set <gametype> MinPlayers <number>
Add bots up to minimum players (servertravel!) admin set UnrealGame.UnrealMPGameInfo MinPlayers <number>
Set maximum players admin set Engine.GameInfo MaxPlayers <number>
Set maximum spectators admin set Engine.GameInfo MaxSpectators <number>
Set maximum team size admin set <gametype> MaxTeamSize <number>
Set air control admin set <gametype> AirControl <number>
Set game speed admin set Engine.GameInfo GameSpeed <number>
Toggle mute spectators admin set Engine.GameInfo bMuteSpectators <True/False>
Toggle force respawn admin set <gametype> bForceRespawn <True/False>
Toggle tournament mode admin set <gametype> bTournament <True/False>
Set bot strength admin set Botpack.ChallengeBotInfo Difficulty <0-7>
Toggle translocator admin set <gametype> bUseTranslocator <True/False>
Toggle weaponstay admin set <gametype> bMultiWeaponStay <True/False>
Set friendly fire scale admin set <gametype> FriendlyFireScale <0-100>
Toggle cheats admin set Engine.GameInfo bNoCheating <True/False>
Add teams (TDM, DOM) admin set <gametype> MaxTeams <number>
Toggle webadmin admin set UWeb.WebServer bEnabled <True/False>
Toggle team balancing admin set <gametype> bPlayersBalanceTeams <True/False>
Full screen message say #<message>
Server appearance  
Set server name admin set Engine.GameReplicationInfo ServerName <name>
Set server short name admin set Engine.GameReplicationInfo ShortName <name>
Set server MOTD admin set Engine.GameReplicationInfo MOTDLine1 <sentence>
Set server MOTD admin set Engine.GameReplicationInfo MOTDLine2 <sentence>
Set server MOTD admin set Engine.GameReplicationInfo MOTDLine3 <sentence>
Set server MOTD admin set Engine.GameReplicationInfo MOTDLine4 <sentence>
Set admin name admin set Engine.GameReplicationInfo AdminName <name>
Set admin email admin set Engine.GameReplicationInfo AdminEmail <email>
Set tickrate admin set IPDrv.TCPNetDriver NetServerMaxTickrate <number>
  Note: Consult with your game server provider to inquire whether you are allowed to change these values.
UTPure related  
Disable UTPure mutate DisablePure
Enable UTPure mutate EnablePure
Toggle NoLockdown (UTPure) admin set UTPure bNoLockdown <True/False>
Enable hitsounds (UTPure) mutate EnableHitSounds
Disable hitsounds (UTPure) mutate DisableHitSounds
No admin required  
Change nickname setname <name>
Disconnect disconnect
Reconnect reconnect
Quit quit or exit
Take a screenshot shot
Connect to a server open <server address>[:server port]
Toggle framerate counter timedemo <1/0>
Set netspeed netspeed <value>
Set field of view fov <value>
Open vote menu (BDB) mutate BDBMapvote Votemenu
Show tickrate (UTPure) ShowTickrate
Switch team (UTPure) NextTeam
Show cheat info (UTPure) CheatInfo
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