ArmA III Server admin commands

ArmA III Commands

#login < password > Admin login
#logout Admin logout
#lock Lock server (Auto unlocks at end of mission)
#unlock Unlocks server
#missions Stops mission, reloads mission list
#reassign Moves all players from their unit selection slots back into the lobby
#userlist Displays the list of users on the server (use pgup to scroll up)
#kick < Server Player ID > (First entry for a player using #userlist)
#exec ban < Server Player ID > (First entry for a player using #userlist)

What to do when the server status is on creating

  • Open the chat window with the “/” key on your keyboard
  • Execute the login command by adding: #login < password > to the chat
  • Execute the mission select command by adding: #missions : > to the chat
  • Select the mission you want to play and you are ready to go

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